Top 10 Best House Painters Near Concord, California

We know finding the best house painter near Concord, California can be difficult, so we put together this detailed list of the best of the best so you can make your decision wisely.  Whether you are a homeowner, business owner, real estate investor, or simply looking to upgrade your living space, there is no better way to refresh your home’s appearance than with a fresh coat of paint. But with so many house painters in the area, it can be challenging to determine which one is right for you. That’s why we’ve done the research for you and compiled a list of the Top 10 Best House Painters Near Concord, California. From professionalism to affordability, our list covers it all. So sit back, relax, and let us guide you toward the perfect painter for your home or business renovation project. This list of amazing painters is ever-changing and expanding, so please check back often. If you find another location that should be listed here – or one that should be removed – please let us know!

1. Paintmasters, 1045 Shary Court, Concord, California 94518, (925) 370-8089

About: For nearly three decades, PaintMasters has been the go-to provider for top-quality residential and commercial painting services in Concord, California. Their commitment to excellence is evident in every project they undertake.

With a service area that includes the Lamorinda, Tri-Valley, Contra Costa, and surrounding regions, PaintMasters has earned a reputation as a trusted and reliable partner for homeowners and businesses alike. Their cutting-edge technology and unparalleled expertise ensure that every project is completed to perfection, delivering a flawless finish that exceeds expectations.

For commercial clients, PaintMasters’ team of professionals provides painting services for office spaces, rentals, restaurants, and more. They understand that commercial projects require a different approach, and their team is dedicated to delivering top-quality results that meet each client’s unique needs.

With a focus on customer service and quality workmanship, PaintMasters is the clear choice for anyone seeking exceptional residential and commercial painting services in Concord, California. Contact them today to learn more about how they can help you achieve your goals.

Specialties: Their expertise in painting services is extensive, including interior and exterior custom homes, decks, acoustic removal, drywall repair, and texturing. Their team of painting service experts has a wealth of experience and knowledge, ensuring that every project is completed with the highest level of skill and care. PaintMasters’ staining services are also highly regarded, specializing in interior and exterior surfaces such as cabinets, doors, decks, and other woodwork. Their experts understand the unique properties of different types of wood and use the most appropriate techniques and materials to achieve exceptional results.

What Makes Them Different: At the heart of PaintMasters’ success is their state-of-the-art 15,000 CFM spray booth, which guarantees that cabinets receive a top-notch finish. Whether interior and exterior custom homes, decks, acoustic removal, drywall repair, texturing, or staining for interior and exterior surfaces such as cabinets, doors, decks, and other woodwork, PaintMasters’ painting service experts have the skills and knowledge to handle any project with ease.

2. Barbour Painting, 1001 Shary Circle Suite 13, Concord, California 94518

About:  Barbour Painting has been the go-to provider for top-quality painting services in Concord, California since 1987. They specialize in residential and commercial projects, providing a full range of services including interior and exterior painting, as well as custom finishes.

Barbour Painting understands that each project requires special attention to detail and personalization. That is why they work closely with each client to ensure that their painting needs are met and exceeded. Their team of experienced painters is dedicated to delivering superior quality workmanship and results that exceed expectations.

Specialties: Barbour Painting provides services for both residential and commercial projects, including interior and exterior painting, custom finishes, drywall repairs, cabinet refinishing, wallpaper removal, staining, and more. With years of experience and a passion for excellence, Barbour Painting is the natural choice for top-notch painting services in Concord, California.

What Makes Them Different: Barbour Painting prides itself on its attention to detail and personalized approach. Their team of experienced professionals is committed to providing superior quality workmanship that meets each client’s unique needs. They strive to deliver results that exceed expectations, making them a clear leader in the painting industry in Concord, California. In addition, they offer free estimates and a satisfaction guarantee, so you can be sure that your project will exceed your expectations.

In addition, Barbour Painting draws on its vast experience to provide advice and recommendations throughout the entire painting process. They understand that each project is unique and strive to provide customized solutions tailored to meet the needs of their clients. With this approach, Barbour Painting has become a trusted name in the Concord, California area. Contact them today to learn more about how they can help you achieve your painting goals.

3. Woodiwiss Painting, 171 Mayhew Way, Pleasant Hill, California 94523 

About: Woodiwiss Painting is a full-service painting contractor based in Pleasant Hill, California. They specialize in both residential and commercial projects, offering their clients a comprehensive range of services from interior and exterior painting to staining and deck finishing.

Woodiwiss Painting has been providing top-notch painting services for over 30 years, priding itself on its personal touch and attention to detail. Their team of experienced & qualified painters is committed to achieving superior results that exceed the expectations of their clients.

Specialties: Woodiwiss Painting offers a comprehensive range of services for both residential and commercial projects, including interior and exterior painting, staining, deck finishing, drywall repair, wallpaper removal, and more. Their team of experienced painters is equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary to handle all types of painting projects, from small residential jobs to large-scale commercial projects.

What Makes Them Different: Woodiwiss Painting lives by its core values of ownership, personal growth, and making a positive impact on others. Here, comradery is the order of the day as each team member looks out for one another to continuously better themselves in terms of knowledge and experience – not just paychecks! Their goal-oriented approach provides everyone involved with opportunities to build lasting careers while finding fulfillment through continued progress.

4.  J&J Final Coat Painting, 140 Mason Circle Suite A, Concord, California 94520, 925-687-5849

About:  Joe Sabel, of J&J’s Final Coat Painting Inc., is a Diamond Certified professional painting expert and a proud owner in the Bay Area. With 34 years of experience, he has been beautifying neighborhoods across Concord with quality interior/exterior solutions since 1986! Alongside his wife Jill and trusted crews for over three decades now, they strive to ensure their customers are completely satisfied by empowering them with all the best options available when it comes to getting that perfect coat. The success seen today stems from an impressive legacy passed down through generations; after all two brothers also had found work as painters before him creating what we see today – a family-owned business dedicated to providing outstanding service one brushstroke at-a-time!

Specialties: J&J Final Coat Painting offers a wide range of services from interior/exterior painting and staining to wallpapering, door refinishing, and faux finishes. Their team provides the highest quality workmanship available which meets each client’s unique needs.  Joe Sabel wants you to feel like family when it comes to giving your home or business that new look.

What Makes Them Different: Their commitment to quality, customer service, and fair pricing makes J&J Final Coat Painting stand out from the rest. As a family-run business, Joe takes pride in his work and ensures each project is completed with care and attention to detail. J&J uses the highest quality paints to enhance their customers’ spaces and guarantees their interior/exterior painting job for 5 full years.

5. Felix’s Painting, 1496 Del Rio Circle, Concord, California 94518, (925) 360-5997

About: With over a decade of practice, FELIX’S PAINTING stands as one of the foremost companies in the painting industry. They are committed to providing their clients with high-quality services they can always trust and rely on; prioritizing customer satisfaction no matter what task is at hand. Their attention to detail and hard work has earned them well-deserved recognition for excellence throughout the years!

Specialties: Felix’s Painting offers numerous services for both residential and commercial projects, including interior/exterior painting, power washing, staining, deck finishing & repair, drywall repair & installation, plastering, and much more. Their experienced team is equipped with the knowledge necessary to handle all types of painting projects—from small jobs to large-scale projects.

What Makes Them Different:  Felix’s Painting prioritizes customer satisfaction and works hard to ensure that clients get the best possible service at all times. They prioritize transparency and communication, keeping their clients in the loop throughout the entire painting process while providing honest advice on color choices, materials, etc.

6. The Concord Painting Company,  (925) 433-7872

About: The Concord Painting Company has been brightening up the City of Concord for over a decade! With 13 years of expertise, they’ve got an extensive lineup – anything from residential to commercial and exterior to interior painting jobs. Plus, their services come at budget-friendly prices and are customized payment plans available so everyone can get that perfect paint job without breaking the bank. So when you’re looking for quality workmanship in your neighborhood look no further than these local professionals!

Specialties: The Concord Painting Company is a one-stop shop for all of your painting needs. From cabinet painting to exterior painting and color consulting, they can handle any project you have in mind. They don’t stop there – if you need drywall repair, wallpaper removal, deck painting, or fence painting, the Concord Painting Company can help with those too! Not only can they make the surfaces inside and outside of your home look great, but their power washing services can make sure that everything is sparkling clean! Popcorn ceiling removal is yet another service offered by this professional team, so if you’re tired of looking at outdated ceilings – contact the Concord Painting Company today!

What Makes Them Different:  The Concord Painting Company has earned its reputation as one of the best painting services out there by following strict procedures. Their attention to detail, commitment to quality, and utmost professionalism make all of their projects meet certain standards. If you’re interested in their services, they even provide portfolios of their previous projects which serves as undeniable proof that they are more than capable of providing excellent service. Anything you need to be done with your interior or exterior painting will most likely be handled with ease!

7. Pree’s Professional Painting,  PO Box 411 Concord California , (925) 209-3881

About:  From his humble beginnings in the construction industry, Bay Area native William Pree went from zero to hero when he completed a four-year painting apprenticeship program and started his own business: Pree’s Professional Painting. With over half a decade of stucco experience under his belt and expertise that included hotels, condominiums, stores, tract housing, and custom work – William was more than ready to bring quality service back into the local community by sprucing up businesses with comprehensive painting services. This incredible journey saw him rise through the ranks of excellence so dedicatedly that each customer is guaranteed professionalism throughout their entire experience with Pree’s Professional Painting!

Specialties: Multi-unit and commercial buildings are one of their specialties. Multi-unit housing and commercial buildings represent a challenge for lead service line (LSL) replacement initiatives as the activities involved have impacts on multiple families whose houses are to be renovated with help from local services such as this.

The experience and knowledge of Pree’s Professional Painting team help them make sure that they provide a quality service while making sure the job is done efficiently.

What Makes Them Different: William himself is what sets this company apart from its competition. His passion for painting, dedication to detail, and commitment to excellence have made him well-respected in the San Francisco Bay Area. Furthermore, his use of high-end products and in-depth knowledge of painting techniques allow him to achieve excellent results every time!

He’s also one of the few painters who can take on large-scale projects like multi-unit and commercial buildings due to his familiarity with local building codes as well as his ability to coordinate with other contractors and experts. No matter how big the project is, William and his team of professionals will make sure your painting needs are taken care of so you can be satisfied with the final results!

8. Guacamaya Painting Inc., 150 N 24th Street San Jose, California 95116, (408) 426-0481

About: Guacamaya Painting is an unbeatable choice for your painting and repair needs. Available in Silicon Valley and the Bay Area, this professional painting company makes it its mission to provide outstanding customer service every step of the way. Expect nothing less than top-notch craftsmanship, insightfully accurate estimates, and punctual project completion times with these experts. At Guacamaya Painting they completely understand how meaningful it is to have a beautiful home or workplace, which is why they bring their entire A-game to ensure the best possible outcome no matter the project – from residential and commercial painting projects to larger contracting services. The quality of their workmanship is backed by their certifications and insurance so you can feel confident that Guacamaya Painting will deliver a job well done.

Specialties: From stucco and drywall to painting finishing and texture matching, Guacamaya Painting has a vast array of services that go beyond conventional painting. They offer interior and exterior home painting, fence staining, roofing, deck staining, flooring repairs, and installations as well as commercial buildings such as offices or stores. Rest assured they bring the highest quality professional standards to any project, no matter how big or small.

What Makes Them Different: Guacamaya Painting is committed to serving its customers with honesty and integrity. They take pride in their customer service and aim to provide a hassle-free experience from start to finish. This is reflected not only by their excellent craftsmanship but also by their free on-site estimates and ability to work within any budget. They are also fully insured for your peace of mind. With Guacamaya Painting, you can trust that the job will be done right the first time around!

9. Finish Coat Painting & Decorating ,  531 Herring Cove Road Suite 201 – Halifax NS, ( 902) 406-3066

About: Finish Coat is a professional painting business that is reliable and committed to excellence. Serving the Contra Costa County area for over 18 years, Finish Coat has continuously met its goal of providing high-quality work to customers in Concord, Pleasanton, Walnut Creek, Lafayette, Martinez, Orinda, Pleasant Hill, Clayton, Pittsburg, Antioch, Brentwood, Pacheco, Oakley, Dublin, Livermore, Moraga, Danville, San Ramon Blackhawk Bay Point Hercules Pinole San Pablo Richmond and El Sobrante. It has always been their priority to be on time and within budget from the start of each project. Customers can trust the Finish Coat to handle every concern with precision and care.

Specialties: Finish Coat specializes in both interior and exterior painting, as well as staining and decorative finishes. They also excel at preparing surfaces for various paint finishes, such as power washing or removing existing wallpapers. For larger projects like commercial buildings or multi-unit dwellings, they have the expertise needed to meet building codes while still providing a quality job.

What Makes Them Different: Finish Coat takes pride in its customer service and strives to exceed the expectations of its clients. They make it a point to listen to each customer’s needs and wishes, tailoring the project specifications accordingly. With Finish Coat, you can expect friendly and courteous service at every step of the process. Additionally, they are fully insured and offer a wide range of high-end products to ensure their clients get the best possible outcome. Trust Finish Coat to provide a reliable and exceptional painting job!

10. RS Painting, 3532 Thunderbird Drive Concord, California 94520, (925) 408-2818 

About: RS Painting is the ultimate painting and drywall solution for all of your Bay Area home repair needs. With more than 15 years of professional experience, the expert team at RS Painting has developed a reputation for excellence in the Concord, Walnut Creek, Antioch, Pittsburgh, Martinez, San Rafael, Oakland, Berkeley,, San Francisco, Vallejo, San Ramon, and Stockton communities. Their commitment to customer satisfaction shows through their availability during nights and weekends as well as their on-time professionalism each time they enter your home. The reviews left by satisfied customers also attest to their talent in building a perfect environment – now it’s time you found out firsthand what all the hype is about!

Specialties: RS Painting brings beauty and sophistication to any interior or exterior space with its wide array of services. From full-service home painting to kitchen and cabinet painting, they apply the perfect touch to add charm and character inside or out. Their skilled technicians also offer drywall repair and sheetrock repairs for those pesky holes in your walls, as well as crown molding installation for an extra level of luxury. They have extensive experience in the commercial industry, specializing in office painting with timely results without compromising quality. No matter what the job entails; whether residential or commercial, interior or exterior, RS Painting can bring your vision to life.

What Makes Them Different: RS Painting puts its customers first, striving to make every one of them lifelong customers. All of their paint jobs come with a two-year warranty, as well as free touch-ups within the same time frame. To further ensure satisfaction, they always provide accurate quotes ahead of time so there are never any surprises costs. They understand that the quality of their service reflects on the customer and will always go above and beyond to make sure everyone is pleased. Get in touch with RS Painting today for all your painting needs!

Do You Need a Professional House Painting Team You Can Trust?

Refresh your home and space with the experts at PaintMasters! Since 1994, PaintMasters has been Concord, California’s top residential and commercial painting company. We proudly serve Lamorinda, Tri-Valley, Contra Costa, and the surrounding areas. With our cutting-edge technology, unparalleled expertise, and state-of-the-art 15,000 CFM spray booth, you can be sure that your cabinets will receive a top-notch finish. Our team of experienced professionals are experts in painting interior and exterior custom homes plus decks, acoustic removal, drywall repair, and texturing – so you can trust that it’s done right the first time.

We also specialize in staining interior or exterior walls, cabinets, doors, decks, and other woodwork for homes and commercial projects such as office spaces and restaurants. Whether you need to refresh a tired old room or give a new room an individual touch of style – PaintMasters is here to help. We are dedicated to delivering a flawless finish on every project with our unique blend of design instinct and technical skills certified by our professional results.

Don’t wait – let PaintMasters show you what a difference a quality paint job can make! Call us now or request an estimate online – we look forward to helping you transform your space! Contact us today to get started!

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