Ohlone Trail Parking (Lime Ridge)

Address: 5150 Montecito Dr, Concord, CA 94521, United States

Experience the great outdoors like never before on the Ohlone Trail at Lime Ridge. Sitting slope-side in the Mount Diablo foothills, this beautiful hiking and biking trail is easy to access and enjoy – all you need to do is show up. The 3.3-mile journey winds through chaparral and oak woodlands, providing scenic views of the area from above. With a moderate incline of 524 feet over 1.5 hours, the Ohlone Trail has a fairly accessible difficulty level for hikers of most abilities and skill levels. The dirt fire road surface can be enjoyed in winter, spring, or fall – popular seasons for outdoor activities. Open from daylight hours only as managed by Walnut Creek Open Space, the Ohlone Trail parking is open nearby for convenient access. So what are you waiting for? Spend an incredible morning or evening taking in all that Nature has to offer with a leisurely trek on one of California’s most gorgeous trails.


Lime Ridge Open Space is an oasis of nature among the suburbs that is not only easily accessible but also offers free admission. It is located directly near the cities of Concord and Walnut Creek. Lime Ridge can be discovered and all that it has to offer can be appreciated to a greater degree by traveling through the Ohlone Trail.

Lime Ridge’s northern and southern trailheads can be accessed by this well-traveled path that connects them. It’s the perfect place for a quick run, a mountain bike ride, or a trek through the beautiful scenery! From the relative seclusion of Lime Ridge, this walk offers breathtaking views of Walnut Creek and Concord. The trail runs along Ygnacio Valley Road.

The Ohlone Trail extends southward from Ygnacio, passing through the Lime Ridge Trail and the Blue Oak Trail on its way to the Boundary Oak Golf Course. The trailhead for the Ohlone Trail is located close to Cowell Road. There, it does a complete circuit of the course before arriving back at Arbolado Park.

People who prefer hiking will be completely submerged in the surrounding environment as they make their way over the undulating terrain of Lime Ridge. Even though the route is located close to Ygnacio Valley Road, there is still an abundance of wildlife. On this trail, you should be on the lookout for lizards and birds.

Mountain cyclists have a great time soaring across Lime Ridge’s topography, hence this site is quite popular among mountain bikers. Mountain bikers who live in the area and have not yet traversed Lime Ridge should realize what they are losing out on.

During the golden hour, which occurs soon after dawn and right before sunset, Lime Ridge is at its most breathtaking. Golden light begins to wash across the landscape, and the noises of animals returning to their natural habitats can be heard. It is a fantastic way to take in the beauty of the golden hills of California.

If you want to extend your trip and make the route a little more difficult, you can head deeper into Lime Ridge on the Manzanita Trail, which loops through the center of Lime Ridge and connects with the Ohlone Trail at two different points. If you take this trail, your journey will be longer and it will be more difficult.

It is important to keep in mind that Lime Ridge is a no-dogs park; therefore, you will need to leave your four-legged companions at home.

Things to do in Ohlone Trail Parking (Lime Ridge)

  1. Take a stroll through the historical Ohlone Trail! This ancient trail traverses across three counties, connecting multiple Native American communities. Explore this peaceful and serene path for an insight into the past.
  1. Visit the nearby wildlife sanctuary! Located just a few steps away from Ohlone Trail Parking is the Lime Ridge Open Space Conservancy. Here, you can observe a variety of local wildlife such as hawks and bobcats in their natural habitat.
  1. Enjoy the breathtaking views of Mt. Diablo! The Ohlone Trail Parking offers an unbeatable view of the iconic Mt. Diablo. Spend some time here to take in this magnificent sight and appreciate nature’s beauty.
  1. Have a picnic under the shady trees! Ohlone Trail Parking is filled with lush greenery and plenty of shade, making it the perfect spot for a leisurely picnic in nature. Bring some snacks or even lunch to make the most out of your day here!
  1. Go horseback riding along the trail! For those looking for a unique experience, horseback riding is available along the Ohlone Trail. Giddy up and explore this iconic trail from a new perspective – it’s sure to be an unforgettable experience.  So what are you waiting for? Head to Ohlone Trail Parking for a day of outdoor fun!

Map From Ohlone Trail Parking (Lime Ridge) to Our Location

Concord, California is blessed with some of the area’s most incredible trails for you to enjoy with your pooch! Here’s a list of some of our favorites:

  • Ohlone Trail Parking (Lime Ridge)
  • Markham Nature Area
  • Crystl Ranch TrailHead
  • Iron Horse Trail
  • Lime Ridge Open Space
  • Black Diamond Hiking Trail Near Oakhurst
  • Newhall Community Park
  • Contra Costa Canal Trail
  • Len Hester Park  

All of these beautiful trails are located just a short distance from our historic location at 1045 Shary Court in Concord! Stop by for a visit anytime!

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